Environmentally-Friendly Insulating Oil Filter

Environmentally-Friendly Insulating Oil Filter


It is mainly used for purifying the insulating oil in all kinds of massive electricity equipments that are above 110KV specifically for the region&comma exactly where height is over five hundred meters&period



1&periodHigh vacuum&colon Substantial point-Vacuum<&equals5pa   Working-vacuum<&equals35pa

two&periodHigh absorption speed&colon Absorption velocity power&geq333L&solSr&period of time

3&periodDuplex 3D stereo-evaporation&comma removing the liquid drinking water quickly

four&periodUK G technological innovation by which the trace h2o that is show chain&comma these kinds of as dissolved drinking water&comma can be taken out effectively&period

5&periodDistinctive get rid of impurities method filtering by way of double FH trapezoidal community and six&periodabsorbing by higher polymer CZPT the mechanical energy

7&periodEspecially utilized to vacuum oiling and drying for electricity transmission equipments that are in excess of 110KV

8&periodCan be operated each on-load and off-load&time period



Evaluating with the one-phase vacuum oil purifier&comma this equipment dewaters&comma degases and eliminates the impurities more rapidly&comma far more entirely&comma and tends to make the oils limiting voltage-withstand worth a lot greater&period As the bridge-kind vacuum linking method&comma it is utilized for filtrating system as well as an independent vacuum electricity offer to vacuum oiling of power equipment&period 

And this products is substantial environmentally pleasant due to the fact it dealing with the oil totally physically&comma no Chemical additives&comma no  Chemical response&period

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Primary Goods

one&period Insulating oil purifier 

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1&period2&time period Collection ZY-A&colon Zhongneng Vacuum insulation oil automation purifier 
1&period3&period of time Sequence ZY-R&colon Zhongneng vacuum insulation oil regeneration purifier 
1&period4&period Collection ZYD&colon Zhongneng CZPT-stage vacuum insulation oil purifier
one&period5&interval Series ZYD-A&colon Zhongneng double-phase vacuum insulation oil automation purifier 
one&period6&period of time Collection ZYD-R&colon Zhongneng double-phase vacuum insulation oil regeneration purifier 
1&period7&time period Sequence ZYD-M&colon Zhongneng Mobile Type Transformer Oil Purification Plant&comma Oil Recycling
two&period Turbine oil purifier 

2&period1&interval Series TY&colon Zhongneng vacuum turbine oil purifier 
two&period2&interval Sequence TY-R&colon Zhongneng vacuum turbine oil regeneration purifier 
two&period3&period of time Collection TY-A&colon Zhongneng vacuum turbine oil automation purifier
3&time period Lubricating oil purifier 

3&period1&period Series TYA&colon Zhongneng vacuum lubricating oil purifier 
three&period2&interval Sequence TYA-A &colon Zhongneng vacuum lubrication oil automation purifier 
3&period3&period of time Collection TYC&colon Zhongneng vacuum lubricating oil regeneration purifier
four&period of time Motor oil purifier 

Series LYE&colon Zhongneng vacuum motor oil purifier
5&period of time Diesel oil&comma gasoline oil and gas oil purifier 

Collection TYB&colon Zhongneng diesel oil&comma gasoline oil and gas oil purifier
six&period of time Transformer oil regeneration device 

Collection BZ&colon Zhongneng BZ transformer oil regeneration system
7&period Multi-Functional oil purifying machine 

Series ZYB&colon Zhongneng Multi-Functional oil purifying equipment
8&time period PL Plate pressure oil purifier
nine&interval JL Moveable oil purifying
ten&time period TYD Drinking water oil separator&comma oil purifier device
11&period of time Automatic testing oil equipment

Environmentally-Friendly Insulating Oil Filter