Unitfine Screw Conveyor for Aluminium Oxide

Unitfine Screw Conveyor for Aluminium Oxide

Merchandise Introduction

This screw conveyor is a customizable machine. We can design and manufacture a screw conveyor in accordance to customers’ distinct requirements.
The screw conveyor also be called an additional name in a different place, for case in point, often will also name it as a pipe screw conveyor auger conveyor trough-formed screw conveyor screw feeder U-sort screw conveyor and so on.

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Product UFTC-100 UFTC-three hundred UFTC-one thousand UFTC-1500 UFTC-2000 UFTC-3000
Primary Motor Electrical power (KW) 1.five 1.five 1.5KW-six two.two three 3KW-6
Items Pushing Motor(KW) N/A N/A .fifty five N/A N/A .55
Tube Diameter(MM) 89 102 114 141 159 159
Screw Velocity(RPM) 360 360 360 360 360 360
Conveying Peak(MM) 1900 1900 2500 2800 2800 2800
Capability(kg/h) 50-100 two hundred-three hundred a thousand a thousand-1500 a thousand-2000 2500-3000
Management Kind Adjustable Accel/Decel Adjustable Accel/Decel Adjustable Accel/Decel Adjustable Accel/Decel Adjustable Accel/Decel Adjustable Accel/Decel
Loading Hopper Dimension
seven-hundred*700*900 seven hundred*700*900 seven-hundred*700*900 a thousand*700*1000 a thousand*seven-hundred*one thousand 1000*700*one thousand

Merchandise Information

It works based mostly on the basic principle of friction transmission.
A) Large-quality motor and gearbox, with a large-duty design and style, massive torque, and lower sounds.
B) outside the house tube total with one inlet, one outlet, stop flange, ball joint, inspection window.
C) standard fitting parts, center bearing, conclude bearing, splined shaft coupling.
D) Lifting eyes on every single tube segment, convenient for transport and installation.
E) modest diameter, great effectiveness, large throughput prices.



Principal Attributes

  • Installation, removal, and servicing is quite hassle-free
  • CZPT is sealed great
  • Will not blocking components when transporting.
  • Simple framework, modest measurement,  it occupied area and the area is small
  • It can have a lot more than one particular inlet and outlet.
  • Protected and trustworthy operation can complete conveying, mixing, stirring, unfastened and other technology at the identical time.

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Unitfine Screw Conveyor for Aluminium Oxide