Special Processing PU Belt At20

Special Processing PU Belt At20

A&rparSpecification&colon XL&comma L&comma H&comma XH&comma T5&comma T10&comma T20&comma AT5&comma AT10&comma AT20&comma 3M&comma 5M&comma 8M&comma 14M&semi

B&rparIt could be strengthened by metal wire core or kevlar core at selection&semi

C&rparAll versions enamel could be coated with green material&period of time All things could be jointed endless&period of time

D&rparMade of thermoplastic polyurethane components with large wear resistance&semi

E&rparIn the higher-load transmission is still maintaining very good loading ability&semi

F&rparOpening belt could be steady length&comma the middle and the sides are with parallel wire core&semi

G&rparAging resistance&comma drinking water evidence&comma doing work temperature -30º C to eighty º C&comma can endure maximu 110º C in limited time&comma can be combined with other thermoplastic resources&period

H&rparHard to be hydrolyzed&comma anti- acid&comma UV resistant&comma not aging&comma highly resistant to oil&comma anti-grease&interval

three&interval Software&colon

Commonly employed in computer embroidery machine&comma beverage machinery&comma color glass and ceramics production and processing machinery&comma textile machinery and gear industries&period Its framework is with Stainless metal cord or copper wire reinforced and with large strength&comma minimal extension&comma very good bend efficiency and the excellent characteristics of the load drive&time period

Product Pitch length &lpar MM &rpar Thickness &lparMM&rpar a&lparMM&rpar b&lparMM&rpar Angle
XL 5&period08 two&period3 1&period27 1&period03 50
L nine&period525 3&period6 1&period9 one&period7 40
H twelve&period7 four&period3 2&period29 two&period01 forty
XH 22&period225 eleven&period2 6&period35 4&period85 40
T5 five 2&period2 one&period2 one forty
T10 ten 4&period5 2&period5 2 40
T20 20 8 five three 40
AT5 5 2&period7 1&period2 one&period5 50
AT10 10 four&period5 2&period5 two 50
T20 twenty eight 5 3 50

Special Processing PU Belt At20