Plastic UHMWPE or HDPE Chain Profiles

Plastic UHMWPE or HDPE Chain Profiles


Given that the invention of ANSI and ISO roller chains in the early nineteenth century the industrial electrical power transmission neighborhood have been employing chain guides to extend the daily life and functionality of their chains. The earliest sort of guides ended up called roller chain manual strips or roller chain information rail, these have been just basically strips of plastic set in place for the chain to operate on. Although the terms have stayed reasonably the same, considering that then roller chain guides have been perfected for each and every chain measurement and materials kind. HeSheng Roller Chain provides a complete line of high-top quality roller chain guides and guidebook rails. Employing a roller chain guide is suggested in purposes where the chain is dragging or conveying across a area.  All of our roller chain guides are made employing large good quality UHMW content and are precision machined for easier installation.


Why is obtaining a great roller chain information so important? Effectively it mostly relies upon on chain wear. Did you know that if a roller chains aspect plates get worn down by just five% you have dropped a excellent offer of chain strength and integrity! Making use of the appropriate chain manual will avert this from occurring thus maintaining you up and operating safely for a longer period of time of time. Downtime is a major issue when calculating a value saving examination or expense gain investigation report, so using a roller chain guide typically a lot more than pays for its self not only with extending the chain existence but with lowering down-time.

Product Positive aspects

Very good Abrasion&use resistance (15 times a lot more resistant to abrasion than carbon steel).
Corrosion & influence resistant.
low temperature resistant.
Non-h2o absorption
Effortless to put in




Take a look at Approach (CZPT)

Ticona GUI4152

Ticona GUI4150,4120


Molecular bodyweight






ISO 1183-1:2012/DIN53479

.92-.ninety eight

.ninety three-.98


Compression strength

ISO 604:2002




Tensile strength





Elongation at break





Dynamic Friction coefficient

ASTM D 1894/GB10006-88




Notched effect toughness (Charpy)





Abrasion put on index





Vicat softing level





Hardness shore-D

ISO 868:2003

60-sixty five

sixty one-sixty six


About Us

The HeSheng Story

Our story started in 2004. Again then the business founder Mr. Li was a salesman of UHMWPE-BOARD and PP BOARD for a private proprietor of a manufacturing unit. 

These days, we are priviliged to join tens of countless numbers of clients from China to the globe. (like Japan, Singapore, Russia, Usa, and many others)

Our Merchandise

We provide a extensive range of merchandise like UHMWPE-BOARD, PA BOARD, PVC BOARD and HDPE BOARD. All the merchandise pointed out above are commonly employed in transportation, packaging, paper producing, bin liners, port machinery, and so on. It is our aim for all of the merchandise to be grown under the maximum common of top quality, using ethical sourcing practicies. 

HeSheng Mission: 

OUR MISSION: To serve the consumer heart and soul. 

CZPTything we do is about you. From the executive who will remedy any of the promblems of yours immediately, to employees who function tirelessly to make positive you get the items in time. We strive to continue being loyal to high-high quality and your have faith in. We think that stage by step we can make a distinction! 


Top quality Management Program Certification issued by ZheJiang standard certification heart. 

Setting Administration Technique Certificate issued by ZheJiang standard certification centre. 


DeCZPT HeSheng plastic firm is found in Xihu (West Lake) Dis. CZPT Zone and it is surrouded by HangCZPT as nicely as ZheJiang Xihu (West Lake) Dis. New Location, providing prosperous geography resource for our marketplace advancement.

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Plastic UHMWPE or HDPE Chain Profiles