Juxing Automatic High Speed Chain Chasing Cardboard Laminator Machine

Juxing Automatic High Speed Chain Chasing Cardboard Laminator Machine

 Computerized Card To Card Lamination Device

one. Specifications

Design    1307     1310     1410
Max. Sheet Size (WxL) 1270mmx720mm 1270mmx1000mm 1410mmx1410mm
Min. Sheet Measurement (WxL) 500mmx380mm 500mmx400mm 500mmx400mm
Thickness of Higher Paper 100~800gsm one hundred~800gsm 100~800gsm
Thickness of Base Paper 200~2000gsm 200~2000gsm 200~2000gsm
Max. Speed 150pcs/min 120pcs/min 120pcs/min
Lamination Precision ±0.5mm ±0.5mm ±0.5mm
Whole Weight 9000kg 9000kg 11000kg
Overall Size 10500 10500 12000
Operation CZPT 3000×13500 3000×13500 3000×13500
Electricity three~380V(50Hz) 3~380V(50Hz) three~380V(50Hz)

 2. Major characteristics of the equipment
a) Substantial precision: ± .5 mm which can make the latter approach more simple to obtain.
b) Higher Speed: one hundred fifty items for every minutes.
c) Wide variety of software: a hundred-800g experience paper and 200-2000g bottom paper can be used on the machine.
d) Glue conserving: It can help save 5g/2 with the distinctive anilox roller.

three. Introduction of the device:

a) Perform of the machine:  The device can laminate card to card together to make tags, bins and so forth.
b) Structure:
    Upper Feeder: 110-800 gsm paper
    Decrease Feeder: a hundred and eighty-800 gsm paper
    Compressor:  Compress the laminated paper and conveying them to the piling portion.
    Paper piling portion:  To pile the laminated paper
    Gluing Component:  To glue on the base paper
    Registration Part: To guarantee exact paper lamination.

four. Characteristics By Component:

  1. The machine adopts mature large velocity feeding construction with simple procedure, simple maintenance which can fit to various varieties of paper.
  2. Four sucking and five CZPTing which can do feeding of skinny paper and wrapped paper.
  3. CZPT sucking rubber and one rubber CZPTing which can stay away from effectively double paper.
  4. Equipped with two blower to ensure paper separation effortlessly.
  5. There are two aspect blowers as effectively. The placement of the aspect blower can be altered to make certain the easy feeding of paper.

  1. Registration Adjustment:
    1. The operator can modify the registration place of the paper either the wheel or by the wonderful adjustment deal with to adjust the still left and right place.
    2.  For the in lamination, you can change the wheel in accordance to the quantity it displays.
    3.  The registration of lamination can be accomplished when the paper is operating. When fine adjustment is necessary, you can only push relevant button to do the adjustment.
    4. The registration of the piling can be accomplished by urgent the connected buttons on the panel.
    5. Each of the pressure and glue volume adjust is easy by turning the adjustment wheel. You can record down the quantity in case you will have the identical paper dimension.
    6. Three pressing belt to ensure clean running of the paper
    7. Top and bottom front lay employing chasing technique to laminate the experience paper and base paper.
    8. To safeguard paper roller with the roller, 6 anti-roll unit is equipped with the device.
    9. Two washing rollers are geared up with the equipment, one is under gluing roller and one particular is below urgent roller to keep clean of the paper.
    10. Anilox roller can make the glue usage even and significantly less ( PVA is test for 30 gsm)
    11. Primary bearings are NSK brand.
    12. Principal electrical components are adopts popular brand, with characteristics of extended lifespan and very good top quality.


Juxing Automatic High Speed Chain Chasing Cardboard Laminator Machine