Concentrate Fruit Juice Machinery for Filling and Capping

Concentrate Fruit Juice Machinery for Filling and Capping


Comprehensive Juice Generation Line
Containers and specs
Identify: Full Computerized Complete Juice 2000-20000bph Manufacturing Line Hot Filling Fruit Juice
Or with Pulp  
materials form Filling quantity(ml) Filling amount(mm) Neck kind
PET Bottle
Glass Bottle
Sq. or Spherical Bottle 100-2000ml Length from bottle neck
According request
As ask for
Adjustable specifications of the bottle variety Bottle diameter ≤105mm  Bottle Height≤335mm
  CZPTers need to have to acquire additional change-more than elements for the diverse bottles.
If making use of sq. bottles, then bottle separating system will be extra.
Juice Preparation Fruit , Concentrate, Powder mixing  …..
Container Label & Handle Mode Packaging system Palletizing technique
Hot Soften Roll-Fed
PVC Shrink Label
Complete Label/ Fifty percent Label
Handbook  /  Automatic
Packing system Min, Spec. Handbook
Minimal place gantry palletizer
Robotic Palletizer
Substantial position gantry palletizer
One Arm Palletizer
Manual Palletizer
Movie shrinker
Wrap Around packer
 Robert Packing Machine
Person Ambient Conditions: Temperature:10~40ºCHumidity:No dew
User CZPTal Source Specification Voltage:380V±5%, 3phase Frequency:50HZ±1%

Equipment Information

The CGF design filling equipment is the most well-liked design in the beverage filling organization,3 in 1 filling equipment brings together bottle washing, filling and capping collectively, the whole established of device
turn into stable and effective.

New CGF Model 3 in 1 Filling Device

Washing heads.
Into bottle way is air conveyor direct link with Bottle dial .
All 304/316 stainless steel rinse heads, drinking water spray design inject layout, much more help save drinking water usage and a lot more clear .
304/316 Stainless steel Gripper with plastic pad, make sure minimum bottle crash throughout washing
304/316 stainless metal washing pump make the machine more durable .
Pulp filling heads.
we undertake the piston filling variety to fill the pumlp seperate with the juice
304/316 Stainless steel higher precision filling nozzle
Filling volume adjustable in fine rank, very same liquid level after filling
All 304/316 stainless metal make contact with elements & liquid tank, fine polish, no loss of life corner, easy to thoroughly clean
304/316 stainless steel filling pump
Juice filling heads.
a)For the duration of filling juice ,we will make a go over installaed on the filling valve, keeping away from the fruit pulp return inside of reflux pipe to block the pipe.
b)Filling valve and bottle lifter uses adopts German Igus bearings which are corrosion-resistant and upkeep-free of charge.
c)By put in CIP cleaning cups, the filling device can comprehend online CIP cleaning
d)For the duration of filling approach, there is no reflux of product, keeping away from blockage of product.

Capping heads.
Area and capping program, electromagnetic capping heads, with stress discharge operate, make positive least bottle crash for the duration of capping
All 304/316 stainless metal construction
No bottle no capping
Automated stop when absence of bottle
Capping effect is stable and trustworthy ,Faulty rate ≤0.two% .

Air conveyor is fixed on the ground, with supporter mounted on the leading. 
Air filter is positioned at each and every entrance of air enthusiast, to stop dust blown into bottles. Bottles are held on the neck in the conveyor and transported into filling machine by blowing energy.
 All are created of stainless metal SUS 304 /316.
Rack created by large high quality carbon steel welded .
Flat conveyor.
1/Strength saving. Large effective. Adapt to customer manufacturing unit layout
two/Unique lubrication system, preserve merchandise clean, wellness, safety
3/Prolonged provider life
four/CZPT eyes layout preserve entire line running protection and speedily
five/Overload protection mechanism to successfully guarantee the security of the machine .

Auxiliary equipment
Pre-approach method.
1 Higher-shear emulsifying tank + Plate heat exchanger
2 Mixing tank
three UHT sterilizer + homogenizer device + Buffer tank
four Hot water technique + Scorching h2o tank
five CIP cleaning technique
Water treatment method.
one Raw drinking water tank + Raw water pump
2 Silica sand filter + Lively carbon filter + Sodium ion exchanger + Precision filter + Stability filter 
three Reverse Osmosis (1 amount) 
four UV sterilizer
five Finished h2o tank + Pure drinking water pump 
6,Stainless steel high pressure movie shell
7All varieties of ability indicator, pressure indicator, electrical energy magnetic valve, equilibrium device and pipe valve method
eight Online sort strain car self-security system
9Online kind electrical power indicator (with stable compensation)
ten Program secure guarding and alarm technique
11 Program body

Blow molding method.
Full automatic blow molding machine is suited for generating PET plastic containers and bottles in all styles. It is commonly utilized to produce the carbonated bottle, mineral water, pesticide bottle oil bottle cosmetics, broad-mouth bottle and very hot fill bottle and so on.

Bottle Inverter Chain
Use juice personal high temperature to kill the bacterial within cap.
2/Use juice personal higher temperature to enhance sealing of bottle to increase warranty time.
3/Use SUS 304/316 stainless metal chain and substantial polymer materials conveyor to preserve large high quality and increase provider daily life.
Shower Cooling Machine.
one/Mostly for cooling and sterilization
two/The principal elements of the machine are manufactured of stainless metal, the leading is designed to be openable for easy servicing and observation
three/Nozzles are made using U.S. technologies and spray drinking water evenly
four/CZPT belt adopts Rexnor technological innovation, flat floor with little dress in
5/Sleek and reputable operation with reduced energy consumption

Computerized labeling device.
one/Heat shrink sleeve labeling machine
2/OPP Hot melt labeling equipment
three/PVC label stick labeling device
It adopts double driving structure which is a new and superior driving unit for the thermal shrink sleeve equipment, that is, 4-wheel driving, self-centering and balanced stress of four wheels. It can attain the great impact of transmission of labels effortlessly, stably and rapidly.
PE movie packaging device.
one/PE film shrink wrapping device
2/Fifty percent-tray shrink wrapping equipment
3/Carton box packaging equipment
It adopts the photoelectric sensor to detect online, collect signals which are managed by PLC, and adopts piston as executable component, to recognize solution conveying, combination, movie wrapping, chopping, heat& shrink, cool and finally get the completed product.

Factory browsing
We sincerely anticipating and welcome your browsing to our manufacturing unit if when you planed a business excursion
one.we will demonstrate you the machine in our manufacturing unit,so you can see the real quality of our device
2.we will display you a guiding of the complete projection of water manufacturing line.
three.we can talk on the project design and price tag additional experience to encounter.
four.we will set up the manufacturing unit layout for you,to help you begin your enterprise speedily.

Following the device arrived in your factory,we will have our engineers to your manufacturing facility,to put in all the machines for you,it will get about 20-thirty times.

Soon after sale service
As soon as your equipment have any issue you can not remedy,we will deliver our engineers as shortly as possible,to stay away from economic missing.
King Equipment High quality
We King device adopt the far better quality technician than some others’,to make certain the functionality is far more brilliant.

Organization Data:
        HangCZPT king machine Co., Ltd is positioned at the new port city -HangCZPT ,was founded at 2003,and commencing with beverage equipment. Our company have fastened assets in excess of RMB 10million and covers an region of 14000m2,We are a top organization in research and manufacturing of liquid foods and beverage packing and filling market.
       Our Principal merchandise including: Pure/mineral drinking water and purified drinking water generating line, carbonated beverage producing line, 3gallons& 5gallons generating line. Flat and tube UHT system, and CIP program. All the merchandise are marketed effectively in every single province and city of the total country and also exported to about thirty nations and areas with sturdy specialized pressure, advanced tools, scientific administration program and best after-product sales provider.

Concentrate Fruit Juice Machinery for Filling and Capping