Automatic High Speed Small Size Die Cutting and Creasing Machine

Automatic High Speed Small Size Die Cutting and Creasing Machine

BY-80 Automated Die-Reducing And Creasing Equipment 



one.Suggestions Of the Device

one) High precision: The precision can be up to at ±0.075mm by fantastic adjustment. The equipment can do the press copybook and other sorts of substantial precision merchandise.

two) The system is flat. The flatness precision can be controlled at .05mm. Generally, there is no want to use a pad when making a sticker. It will take only twelve minutes to change the sticker.

three) High speed: It can run 7500sheets for every hour, and sound is below seventy five decibels.

4) ZheJiang model feeder can run skinny paper, laminated paper effortlessly and stably. It decreases the downtime owing to double parts of paper or the paper not getting in area.

five) The intermittent system is manufactured in ZheJiang with good security and prolonged provider lifestyle.

six) The equipment adopts Japanese electric appliance, SMC rotary joint, Italian pneumatic clutch and Siemens major motor.

7) The device can equip with heating technique, the PVC material feeding can pick solitary sort or overlap type to stay away from scraping, 1 button order for this change makes the operation straightforward and hassle-free.

8) The machine equip with the blowing device in shipping and delivery device, and the slim paper will be neatly collected.

Notice: The previous two guidelines is for specific need of PVC Chopping.

2. Requirements


Max. paper dimensions 800X620MM Min. paper dimensions 310X250MM
Max. reducing size 790X610MM Precision ±0.1mm
Max. pace 8000S/H Max. Strain 200T
Thickness of paper Cardboard .1-1.5mm
Net weight 10000KG
Overall electricity 15KW Total dimension 4000X2380X1850MM


three. Features of units

a. Feeding device

1) Feeding head with special style guarantees continuous feeding of sheets for various thickness and components.

two) It’s effortless to function adopting sheet-conveying body which can be lifted up.
three) There are 4 entrance lay installed 4 strategy switches which are utilized to check if the sheet reaches the proper place, so the squander merchandise are prevented, you can very easily to alter them by way of the knob outside the machine.
four)The still left and proper aspect lay are employed, the situation and press of aspect lay can be modified to fit for the aspect registering of sheet of different dimension and thickness.
five) Adjusting handwheel of lay is installed on the two sides of feeding models, which is simple to locate pile.
6) The feeding pile can rise up routinely.
7) Up and down- limit swap are put in on inner facet of wall body, guaranteeing the pile can quit immediately at the maximum or most affordable location.

b.Die-slicing unit

1)ZheJiang higher-pressure oil pump makes use of powerful strain lubrication on the oil circuit to lessen the wear of the machine parts.
2) The advanced transmission mechanism achieves large-speed die-slicing, high-precision swinging platform to improve the speed of the pad.
3)The pneumatic lock plate unit is fixed and time saving. The gripper bar chain is imported from Germany to ensure lengthy daily life and stable die chopping accuracy.
four) the American-design intermittent mechanism is the main transmission part of the die-chopping device, which can boost the die-reducing speed, die-chopping precision and minimize equipment noise.
five)CZPTed Italy brand pneumatic brake clutch, and Japanese SMC rotary joint, in line with CZPTpean requirements, with functions of fast reply, robust force, lengthy life and low noise.

c. Providing unit

one) Automatic aligning purpose make the sheet supply tidy and neat..
two) Easy for sample get out, the operator can check the sample at any time.

d. CZPTal device

1)The digital management program adopts Japanese Omron brand PLC and computer computerized control, ZheJiang WEILUN touch screen, France Schneider and other intercontinental manufacturer items, from paper feeding, paper conveying to die reducing, offering, automated detection and control, the Delta brand inverter, ZheJiang  CPG gear motor, Germany’s Siemens seven.5KW principal motor can preserve 1/3 of your company’s electrical energy bill.

2) Man-equipment interface show technique, can rotate 180 degrees, simple to run, screen different operating circumstances, position out the place of the fault and suggest remedies.
3) Equipped with a selection of security defense devices, seem and gentle alarms in the function of a failure, and automatic shutdown to make certain human basic safety.

e. Specific attributes

1) Worm gear and worm shaft
The worm gear is manufactured of particular content alloy copper, unique content + thick design. It is manually scraped by experienced engineers to make sure the large-precision and use-resistance of worm equipment and worm shaft, and lengthen the support lifestyle of the equipment.
The material for the worm shaft is worldwide 40CR steel, and after quenching, it enters the worm grinding method to make sure large precision.
2 ) Intermittent mechanism
The box substance is high-power ductile iron HT350. The cam is made of Gcr15 which is ground by particular cam grinding machine with high precision, minimal noise and lengthy provider lifestyle. The output shaft adopts integral machining to ensure the precision of transmission. At the same time, the error in the radial run-out, axial run-out of input shaft and output shaft, and amongst output shaft and mounting area are effectively managed within the manufacturing facility normal.
3) Good quality control Technique
All the electrical areas are designed and assembled according to the CZPTpean CE normal. The making and assembling is carried out below the management of ISO900.
4) Special developed feeder
Our company’s engineers have carefully made and developed the feeder paper conveying program with a minimum paper measurement of 310mm*250mm and a greatest of 800mm*620mm. The layout is specific and the composition is easy. It is pioneering in the planet.

four. Main Configuration

NO. Identify Specification Manufacturer Observe
one Worm equipment ZQAL9-4 China Scraping
2 Crankshaft 40Cr China hardening
three Worm 41Cr China Hardening and tempering
4 system QT50-five China Resin sand forged
5 Frame   China  
six Metal plate 65Mn Shnaghai Hardness:HRC45-fifty
7 Gripper bar Aviation difficult aluminum alloy China  
8 Gripper bar chain   German Renold
9 Intermittent mechanism 225   A few unit cam
ten Pneumatic clutch 304-9 Italy  
eleven Frequency converter Toshiba Japan  
12 Programmable Controllers   Omron  
thirteen HMI Weinview ZheJiang  
14 Main motor seven.5KW Simens  
fifteen Bolt track bearing JMC Korea  
16 Magnetic valve      AIRTAC ZheJiang  
17 Button   Schneider  
eighteen Relay    Omron  
19 Contactor   Schneider  
20 Photoelectric swap   Japan Omron  
21 Limit swap   ZheJiang  
22 cylinder   ZheJiang  
23 Entrance lay fiber PANASONIC Panasonnic  
24 Oil pump   ZheJiang  
25 Slider ZQCSN6-six-three German  
26 Paper feeder Special design and style large precision feeder Self produced  
27 Worm gear bearing NSK Japan  
28 cantilever Precision bearing China  
29 Reducer   CPG  
30 Three-position swap LS Korea  
31 Xihu (West Lake) Dis. chain   China  
32 Drive lay Pull and push Self produced  
33 bolt   ZheJiang  
34 air pump 80³ ZheJiang  
35 Rotary joint SMC Japan  


five. Main spare areas


Name Qty Specification
Minus screwdriver 1 Piece one hundred fifty
Plus screwdriver 1Piece 150
Allen wrench 1 Set  
Open end wrench 1 Set  
Metal plate handle 1 Piece  
Oil can 1 Piece  
Pressure oil gun 1 Piece  
Toolbox 1 Piece  

b. CZPT Elements

No. Identify Qty
1 Body 2 sets
2 Steel plate 2 pieces
7 Gripper bar 1 set
8 Repair gripper 10 pieces
9 Open gripper 10 pieces
ten Sucker washer 20 pieces
eleven Screw M6X8 8 pieces
12 Feeding system 2 sets
thirteen Brush 2 pieces
fourteen Delivering system 2 pieces


Automatic High Speed Small Size Die Cutting and Creasing Machine